About Me

From corporate grind to full time yogi

The short version of my ‘official story’ goes something along the lines of: While I was studying philosophy at university I had a regular yoga practice and a secret dream of one day becoming a yoga teacher. When I finished my degree, I moved to the big smoke and did the corporate thing for a few years. I took a 6 month sabbatical to travel through SouthEast Asia and when I returned home the way that I saw the world had completely changed. I felt very deeply that there was a different way for me. I completed my first yoga teacher training, quit my job, packed my bags and moved to the Northern Rivers of NSW – where I still live almost eleven years later.

When I arrived here I knew I had come home. I completed another yoga teacher training, started teaching yoga and eventually landed myself a role with Byron Yoga Centre, wearing a plethora of hats, gaining an abundance of new skills and making some incredible friends.

To the editor of Australia’s biggest yoga magazine

After a few years of working with BYC I had also started using my writing skills to create stories for Australia’s biggest yoga magazine, Australian Yoga Journal. Writing was always one of my strengths and it had been refined through philosophy essay writing and my years in the workforce – writing everything from emails to sales copy and website re-writes. As I became more interested in and involved with the magazine I was eventually asked to take on the role of Editor. I had spent the last few years completely enveloped in the yoga industry, working on events at BYC and making some amazing connections with well known yogis.

This experience and knowledge created the perfect combination for an editorial role that requires a deep understanding of the industry, impeccable organisation skills and a decent eye for words.

To now…

My schedule now consists of teaching regular yoga classes locally, working with a number of magazines and heartfelt businesses crafting copy and managing my own online publication, Byron Magazine. I’m here to provide a space to share with you the ways in which I’d love us to work together.

Yoga classes

I have now been teaching yoga for 12 years and it’s still something very close to my heart. I have completed many teacher trainings and learned to integrate the philosophies of yoga into my daily life. I love teaching and sharing this practice that has taught me so much. If you’ve wandered by to practice with me, head over to the Yoga page to find out where I’m teaching.

Editing & Copywriting

I love editing and copywriting for small businesses in the yoga/wellness industry. This is something that feels really wholesome for me. I become friends with everyone I work with, and I couldn’t be more stoked to be using my skills to help support you.


I love to write for print and online magazines, and when I’m not working on a project, I’m seeking out new opportunities and developing ideas for new creations. Because there’s nothing quite like really delving into a topic that inspires me. If you’re interested in collaborating and are curious about what it’s like to work with me, have a browse through these testimonials.