Tiffany Cowley, Yoga Teacher & Wellness Coach

“I had spent so many hours trying to come up with the wording for my website, my head was in a spin. It needed to be personal, engaging while getting the message across about what my business was offering and on top of that professional. Writing is not my forte and the task was causing me a bit of grief! I had seen Jess’s work around on social media and I am a big AYJ fan, so I was very excited when Jess jumped on board to help me out. I wish I had known of copywriting sooner – it would have saved me a lot of time and energy. Working with Jess was such a pleasure. She is very personable, friendly and spends the time to pick up on your ‘vibe’ so she can express and integrate this through her wording for you. I was so thrilled and excited when I read the words Jess has created for me. She has a great talent for creative writing – I was above and beyond impressed! I would highly recommend a partnership with Jess – do yourself a favour and save yourself the time and stress! And as an added bonus get to meet an awesome sister” – Tiffany Cowley, Yoga Teacher & Women’s Wellness Coach, Tiffany Cowley

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