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Editing & Copywriting

If your business is in the yoga, wellness travel, or healthy living field then you’ve come to the right place. As the editor of Australia’s biggest yoga magazine, Australian Yoga Journal, as well as a yoga teacher – I understand the ins and outs of the industry well.

Do you need?

  • Genuine, heartfelt words for your website?
  • Expert eyes to edit your existing copy?
  • Inspired content to promote your business with heart?

I love working with like-minded people to create words for your website and edit existing copy – including book authors and yoga teachers needing some guidance and support.

You won’t find faceless, sterile and in-your-face-marketing copy here. These words are created with love for those people who make it their business to truly connect with and serve others.

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Some of the online and print publications I’ve written for include:

I’m also the co-founder of Byron Magazine – but that’s a whole other story! 😉

When I’m not crafting stories, I’m seeking out new opportunities and brewing up ideas. There’s nothing quite like delving deeply into a topic that inspires you.

Head on over to the blog page to find some of my favourite pieces – re-posted from print and online magazines and small businesses that I’ve had the pleasure of working with.


kind words from clients

“I had spent so many hours trying to come up with the wording for my website, my head was in a spin. It needed to be personal, engaging while getting the message across about what my business was offering and on top of that professional. Writing is not my forte and the task was causing me a bit of grief! I had seen Jess’s work around on social media and I am a big AYJ fan, so I was very excited when Jess jumped on board to help me out. I wish I had known of copywriting sooner – it would have saved me a lot of time and energy. Working with Jess was such a pleasure. She is very personable, friendly and spends the time to pick up on your ‘vibe’ so she can express and integrate this through her wording for you. I was so thrilled and excited when I read the words Jess has created for me. She has a great talent for creative writing – I was above and beyond impressed! I would highly recommend a partnership with Jess – do yourself a favour and save yourself the time and stress! And as an added bonus get to meet an awesome sister” – Tiffany Cowley, Yoga Teacher & Women’s Wellness Coach, Tiffany Cowley

“I was updating my website and hit a wall. I was struggling to get the message across about my business in a way that I was proud of. It was in my head loud and clear but Jessica managed to get it on paper. When my husband read the content he spoke about how it sounded like me. I feel so lucky that she agreed to take on the work as it added a lot of feeling to my website and allowed me to focus on the client side. Jess has a gift – her way with words is inspiring and magical to read” – Ella Brown, Photographer, Ella Lacey Photography

“I have had the privilege of working with Jess on my app startup since 2017. Jess has helped me with everything from copy writing our website, content for our blog and newsletters, and managing our social media which flourished with her attention. Jess’s writing is exceptional and her level of professionalism is unparalleled. As a person she is sincere and incredibly reliable. I can’t thank Jess enough for her beautiful wordy creations and support” – Hollie Bradley, Founder, Omm Collective

“I’ve been working with Jess on and off since 2015. In that time she’s helped me with organizing a festival, helped me with marketing and most importantly with print and editing. Jess’s experience in the industry makes her the perfect fit for editing content like yoga manuals, books and articles. She not only has a beautiful and easy to understand way with the English language, but also all the relevant experience in the yoga and health industry to make sure what she’s working on is relevant and on point. Most of all though Jess is a pleasure to work with – really friendly, really kind and really generous with her time. It never feels like work when you ‘work’ with her” – Stefan Camilleri, Stefan Camilleri Yoga